The 9/11 Presidency

By his own standard, Mr. Bush achieved the one big thing he and all Americans demanded of his Administration. Not a single man, woman or child has been killed by terrorists on U.S. soil since the morning of September 11. (…) Memories fade fast. Recall the fear about imminent strikes, the anthrax panic anche the 98-1 Senate vote for the Patriot Act in the weeks after 9/11. (…) He calmed the fears and urged tolerance at home, saying on thtat memorable evening, “We are in fight for our principles, and our first responsability is to live by them.

(…) The failure ti discover WMB gave opponents the opening to claim the war (in Iraq) was fought in false premises, but Bill Clinton, Democrats on Capitol Hill and every major intelligence service also believed Saddam had WMD.

(…) Tough you won’t hear this from the media, relations with Europe are stronger than at the beginning of the Bush years. France, Germany and the U.K. – aware of the rising threat from Russia and their own shortcomings – are eager for U.S. support and leadership, out of self-interest in noti any deep love.

(…) After the Clinton decade in which al Qaeda and proliferation went unchallenged, the Bush Presidency had to scramble to defend againts a terror threat that with WMD could kill milions of Americans.

The 9/11 Presidency, The Wall Street Journal Europe., Monday, January 19, 2009


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